Monday, February 9, 2009

Did You Know? / A Savoir

2015 is the 75th anniversary of the opening of Royal Roads as a military training college, and a celebration is to be held at Roads in September 2015.  

The Commandant, Director of Cadets and Chief Warrant Officer at CMR in 2013 are all women.

 W. Bush may be the oldest ex-cadet in 2013 with offspring at the College. Son Ryan (E7333.), not a cadet but studying there in an undergraduate program as a member of the Army Reserve. 

The Log year book from Royal Roads is available on line at:

M. G. Langlois, is responsible for translating and editing the text for the story boards, the brochures, and the material for the RMC Club web site

M. Gainer is sailing solo from Lake Ontario to Bahamas. Departed in late Sep 2013. 

B. Paradis is the youngest member of our Class. Turned 65 in Sep

 The Castle at Royal Roads figures prominently in the TV the production, Arrow.

Air Canada Baggage Free For Active And Retired CF Personnel
   Here is the website with the new Air Canada baggage policy for active and retired CF and US military personnel - .   Apparently the Air Canada reference number is "ACP 685071 - Military Baggage" if your check in clerk is unfamiliar with the new policy.  Three bags vice one and 70 pounds each vice 50 - quite an improvement.  I gather online you check "1" bag then have them let you check in at the counter your extra at no charge.  Identification military or retired needed.  I verified this by doing a separate search of the Air Canada website and it is true.  Pass it on to your military acquaintances.


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