Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ottawa Branch Welcomes Recruit Old Brigaders

On 2014 09 10 The Ottawa Branch of the RMC Club hosted a luncheon to welcome the recruit class of the Old Brigade. 17 of us made the parade where we were officially congratulated by Gen (rtd) John de Chastelain.

17 were:

F. Thomson
M. Johnson
G. Jonah
M. Lawrance
P. Hession
N. Levert
C. Brando
B. Lye
D. Bell
L. Vachon
JP Carrier
B. Fritsch
V. Guy
T. Melnyk
W. Bush
D. Lowdon
D. Partsch

Interloper is M. Tippen a UTPM grad who turned 67 and decided to join us.

I can assure you that is not a halo over me

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