Sunday, April 7, 2019


You may recall when Facebook was launched, I was keen on using it as a vehicle to enable everyone to manage their own info and photos. I backed off promoting it when I saw how much personal info they wanted and displayed.

Now, probably a decade later we have learned to live with this social media and have a better understanding of the privacy controls and the risks we take using it.

I have decided to list everyone who has a Facebook account that I know of. This will enable everyone to manage and share their own info and photos.

In keeping with my policy of not providing full names, I will link a College number with first name and initial of surname.

I am a neophyte at FB but viewing the pages of classmates, it has inspired me to be a little more active but the morphing is not going to happen over night. I encourage you to read Mark M's recent piece on time management.

I have a FB page for our Class ( which is a closed group. It is not meant to replace this web blog. Give me some time to sort out the primary uses of each.

If you do not want yours advertised, please let me know. This is a work in progress. I have quite a few but need time to put up. If you think I 've forgotten you, please send email or respond here.

7486 GideonF
7530 FletcherT
7664 WayneH
7746 StanG
7753 ChrisH
7860 RomeoD
7761 MikeJ
7762 GarthJ
7769 MichaelL
7783 PeterM
7821 PeteVH
7855 PaulH
7856 JohnB
7859 MarkH
7886 Pierre D
7904 NormandL
7919 TomK
7959 MH
7960 DanaF
7964 DonB
8012 BillA
8016 VaughanB
8027 RonD
8031 TomE
8033 BrianF
8034 GerryG
8037 DaveG
8046 JohnK
8052 GM
8056 Pole
8058 TerryM
8061 BobM
8063 DaveN
8064 KeithO
8067 GerryP
8092 Herc
8060 HarryM
8079 KirkT
8084 BruceW
8090 BurtA
8100 WilB
8104 DougC
8117 DougF
8120 BillG
8128 HughH
8138 FredJ
8140 RonK
8145 KenL
8146 MelL
8149 DougM
8161 MarkM
8170 KeithO
8171 DonP
8184 GaryS
8185 BillS
8187 DaveS
8190 DonT
8193 BobVB
8198 RickW

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